Below is a list of the types of positions and what duties are involved that may be available with CLM Services. This is only a sampling of the most common job positions we have available. Other positions may also be available. Take a look at our list of currently available job openings and apply today.

Working as a campground host, or any of other positions, can be very rewarding. Why not get paid to work in beautiful outdoor locations?

Camp Host:

Camp hosts are responsible for the clean and safe operation of assigned campgrounds, helping ensure campers have a memorable camping experience.

Precise camp host duties vary by location, but typically include:

  • Assisting and checking in of campers.
  • Completion of attendance records.
  • Collection of fees.
  • Completing weekly reports.
  • Cleaning the campground and campsites.
  • Cleaning of restrooms.
  • Ensuring campground rules are complied with.


Many recreational areas operate a "check-in" office or kiosk. This is usually where campers check-in to the campground. Many of our offices and kiosks have a terminal to the centralized computer reservation system.

The duties of office employees typically includes:

  • Operation of a desktop computer for reservations and camper check-in.
  • Assisting with camper inquiries.
  • Checking in of campers.
  • Collection of fees.
  • Preperation of various weekly reports.
  • Maintaining and cleaning the office and restroom.


Maintaining the hundreds of campgrounds CLM Services operates is a never ending task. All recreation areas employ a maintenance staff to maintain these facilities. Well rounded maintenance personnel who are self-motivators and can work unsupervised are always desired.

The duties of maintenance personnel covers a wide range or responsibilities. Typical duties include:

  • Cutting and trimming of grass, trees, brush and shrubs.
  • Slash removal.
  • Various plumbing repairs.
  • Various electrical repairs.
  • Various carpentry duties.
  • Preparation and painting of tables, restrooms, and other facilities.


Many of our recreation areas operate a small "campground store". In some locations, the store may be combined with the campground office.

General duties of a store employee include:

  • Assisting  with camper inquiries.
  • Stocking store shelves.
  • Cash register operation.
  • Preparation of various reports.
  • Maintaining and cleaning the store and restroom.
  • May also include the duties of an office employee.


There's great potential for CLM Service employee to progress into management. All recreation areas employ one, or many area managers (Site Manager). We encourage employee advancement and prefer to promote existing employees to management positions. However, management positions do periodically become available to outstanding applicants.

Typical duties of a site manager include:

  • Overall responsibility for the management, security, and maintenance of their assigned areas.
  • Usually responsible for multiple campgrounds and recreation facilities.
  • Training of assigned employees.
  • Assisting assigned employees with a variety of issues.
  • Ensuring scheduled maintenance and repairs are accomplished.
  • Collection, accounting, and reporting of area revenue.
  • Management and control of local equipment and supplies.
  • Supports the Operations Manager, including additional duties as assigned.