Mt Baker - Snoqualmie Recreation LogoThe Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie Recreation Company – a division of Northwest Land Management – operates campgrounds and day use areas on the Mt. Baker and Snoqualmie National Forests. These two Forests – with Mt. Baker to the north and the Snoqualmie to the south – lie east of Seattle and north of Mt. Rainier in the state of Washington. The Forest is quite large and ranges from the Canadian border to the National Park.

Highlights on the Forest include Baker Lake in the north where Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie Recreation is working to reopen a small store and offer yurts for rent during the summer (expected completion by the end of 201`9). Further south the company is working with the Forest Service to reopen the Gold Basin Campground which has been closed for several years due to damage from flooding. There is also a beautiful drive along the Skykomish River with several campgrounds located along the river.
The Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is simply gorgeous!

 Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie Recreation Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie Recreation

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